What is MPS?

MPS (Managed Print Services) is the management and optimization of business processes, documents and information related to the operation of your printing fleet.

With a single point of contact and one bill, our Managed Print Services program provides you with a simplified plan to streamline your printer fleet.  Your IT managers will be free from the burden of managing tedious administrative tasks, so they can use their core skills on lucrative projects that will make your business more profitable.  Whether it’s new hardware or maintenance on existing machines, we will take care of all your imaging devices-regardless of brand.

MPS Software: How It Works

With a simple secure download, the MPS Data Collection Agent is installed on a desktop computer systems running Windows 7, 8 or 10, or on server running Windows server. This software application runs as a service in the background, collecting and transmitting real time data from your printing devices to the MPS secure web server.

MPS Software: Intelligent & Secure Technology

The information collected from devices are the machine metrics*:

  • IP Address (can be masked)
  • Device Description
  • Serial Number
  • Meter Reads
  • Monochrome or Color Identification
  • LCD Reading
  • Device Status
  • Error Codes
  • Toner Levels
  • Toner Cartridge Serial Number
  • Maintenance Kit Levels
  • Asset Number
  • Location
  • MAC Address
  • Manufacturer
  • Firmware
  • Miscellaneous (machine specific)

MPS Software Security Concerns

Network Compliance

No personal or user data is collected with the software; only the core metrics needed to maintain and manage your printing assets are gathered.

Because of this MPS software is compliant with:


Network traffic

The table below outlines the network load associated with the DCA compared to the network load associated with loading a single standard webpage.

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